no joke about those best ingredients, it will cost you!

Emphasising what is fresh, seasonal and sustainably produced. We are a freelance Private Chef Service providing the ultimate private gourmet dining experience and sommelier services for luxury homes, yachts and private jets, and gourmet catering services for all occasions. Every client receives maximum attention to detail, custom designed menus made with the freshest and only the best ingredients obtainable.

featuring fava beans

Our Private Chef extraordinaire will plan, shop and prepare a multi-course, gastronomic experience for you and your guests, right in your own home. Prior to your event he will discuss and plan the meal with you, going over any dietary concerns.
He will shop for the best seasonal produce available and arrive at your home partly prepared. Working with the cooperation of a butler and a housekeeper or kitchen helper, our chef will prepare a gourmet meal for you and your guests. This is an evening you and your guests will enjoy to its fullest. Approximate cost of a Private Chef by the hour: €65 – €180 Depending on the number of guests, the chef may use an assistant in the kitchen €35 – €50 per hour and Butler too. Continue reading “featuring fava beans”

all organic

The quality of ingredients is paramount to the success of a dish and I always source foods from top-quality producers…cooking with only the finest ingredients, all natural, fresh hormone free meat. We formed partnerships with local farmers, ranchers, and artisan producers. The flavor of beef organically raised on good grazing pastures is amazing. How an animal lives, eats, and is slaughtered is as important as the breed of the animal to the taste of the meat. Continue reading “all organic”