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Cheese is frequently strong and pungently
flavoured; it is often high in fat; it may be high in
acid, it is often very salty; and it can have a gluey,
mouth-coating texture. Some cheese even manage to
combine all these wine -and tastebud-challenging
features- and the whole subject is made more
complicated by the fact that cheese vary as much
from producer to producer and according to maturity
as do wines. For all the new influences in New York,
the west coats, too, has seen an enormous change in
its cooking in the last 15 or so years -and all because
of the wine.

California cuisine based on a super-abundance and
variety of local fresh produce of all kinds, is made to
partner the wines - the Chardonnays and Cabernets,
the Merlots, Zinfandels and Pinot Noirs, the
Sauvignons, the Rhône-style wines and Italian blends.
There is even a phrase for it: "cooking to the wine".
California cooking continues to evolve and innovate,
but the principle is constant to obtain maximum
flavour without being heavy-handed. While rest of
America can still treat garlic with reserve, here it is
nothing to find six cloves in a recipe, along with chilli
peppers, olive oil and a mountain of sage leaves and
Italian parsley. Mashed potatoes may given zip with
mustard; steak doused with mustard, garlic, ginger
and soy.
In 1998 my dreams sent me to the United States and i had to start a
catering business as Private Chef in Los Angeles, the next four years
passed like a dream.
It was not easy for me to realize in the beginning that interesting and
quite famous people - politicians, ambassadors, movie-makers and
movie stars, fashion designers, well-known attorneys from TV-shows,
rock stars, and leading sportsmen started to
"knock on my door".
An unexpected invitation to cook for very upscale parties for the rich
- made me famous.
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