A growing preference for vegetarian foods and a modern
tendency for people to graze during the day rather than
sit down to cooked meals, both favor cheese. Nothing
could be easier, tastier, or more nourishing than a light
meal of a few good pieces of cheese, with bread, salad,
fresh fruit and a great glass of wine on the side. No doubt
we shall continue to see cheeses being offered at end of
a formal lunch or dinner. However, more and more people
accept that unless we plan our menus in order to leave
room for cheese, only the heartiest of appetites can do
them justice.

It is at the specialty cheese shop - in a small town or a
large city - where the best cheeses can be bought. Just
like people with passion for good wines, lovers of cheese
have became both better informed and more demanding
in their choice. What they are looking for is character and
flavor, the attributes given to cheese by the care and
attention of the artisan cheesemaker using traditional
techniques rather than by the technician applying science
in a factory.
The traditional cheesemaker is backed up by the careful
husbandry of the farmer producing the finest milk.
However, it is not only the traditional cheeses that are
proving so popular. New cheeses, too, are being
developed and made by hand, in limited numbers, on small
farms in many areas of France.
•  Menu selection based on your dietary needs and
cuisine preference
•  Food shopping
•  Meal Preparation
•  Table service and clean-up  
I have started my own catering as Private Chef, the next four years
passed like a dream. It was not easy for me to realize in the beginning
that interesting and quite famous people - politicians, ambassadors,
movie-makers and movie stars, fashion designers, well-known
attorneys from TV-shows, rock stars, and leading sportsmen started
to "knock on my door".
An unexpected invitation to cook for very upscale parties for the rich
- made me famous.
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