•  Menu selection based on your dietary needs and
cuisine preference
•  Food shopping
•  Meal Preparation
•  Table service and clean-up  
Melonie Magruder wrote in the Malibu Times:
„Raised in a pastoral town in Southern Lake Balaton Hungary, Laszlo
trained in the best restaurants in Europe and New York, and has
served as Private Chef to ambassadors and movie stars. Whether you
are vegan or a lover of foie gras, Cheflaszlo will redefine the concept
of fine dining in the comfort of home. Laszlo, who is known for his
attention to detail and his pursuit of fresh ingredients, formed
partnerships with local farmers, ranchers, and artisan producers. He
demonstrates his purchasing habits to consumers by shopping in
farmers' markets and featuring their farmers' names on his menus.
Supports the "Buy Local" campaigns initiated by a number of state
departments of agriculture and local farming and environmental
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