I am Laszlo, Hungarian origin,
who were spread out to the
world after many years of
native experience to study
and acquire the best what
other nations' cuisine can
offer. I had the opportunity to
start in smaller restaurants in
the USA, raising step-by- step
and gaining more and more
experiences as the various
cuisines and their chefs had
passed their secrets and
working methods over to me. I
was hired at the Plumed Horse
in the sleepy village of
Saratoga and I witnessed for
the first time the entire
production of planning,
working to make high-dining
concept profitable and very
It is at the specialty cheese shop - in a small town or a large city -
where the best cheeses can be bought. Just like people with
passion for good wines, lovers of cheese have became both better
informed and more demanding in their choice...
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" ...My personal experience working with Laszlo is
really impressive because he is a very dedicated,
focused, hard working and a very friendly chef who
also worked for the Hungarian Consul General's
Residence in Los Angeles among other celebrities in
Beverly Hills and foreign dignitaries..."