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Melonie Magruder Malibu Times:
„Raised in a pastoral town in
Southern Lake Balaton Hungary,
Laszlo trained in the best
restaurants in Europe and New
York, and has served as Private
Chef to ambassadors and movie
Whether you are vegan or a lover
of foie gras, Cheflaszlo will redefine
the concept of fine dining in the
comfort of home. Cheflaszlo, who
is known for his attention to detail
and his pursuit of fresh
ingredients, formed partnerships
with local farmers, ranchers, and
artisan producers.

He demonstrates his purchasing
habits to consumers by shopping in
farmers' markets and featuring
their farmers' names on his menus.
Cheflaszlo supports the "Buy Local"
campaigns initiated by a number of
state departments of agriculture
and local farming and
environmental organizations.”
It is at the specialty cheese shop - in a small town or a large city -
where the best cheeses can be bought. Just like people with
passion for good wines, lovers of cheese have became both better
informed and more demanding in their choice...
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" ...My personal experience working with Laszlo is
really impressive because he is a very dedicated,
focused, hard working and a very friendly chef who
also worked for the Hungarian Consul General's
Residence in Los Angeles among other celebrities in
Beverly Hills and foreign dignitaries..."