ALL ORGANIC !  The quality of
ingredients is paramount to the
success of a dish and I always
source foods from top-quality with only the
finest ingredients, all natural, fresh
hormone free meat. We formed
partnerships with local farmers,
ranchers, and artisan producers.
The flavor of beef organically
raised on good grazing pastures is
amazing. How an animal lives,
eats, and is slaughtered is as
important as the breed of the
animal to the taste of the meat.
Look for traditionally cured bacon,
which has been dry-cured using
salt rather than brine. Mass-
produced bacon contains
chemicals and water, shrinks to
nothing, and is quite tasteless.

Always buy free-range organic
chicken—the flavor is far superior
to that of intensively reared birds
fed on a limited diet with minimal
•  Menu selection based on your dietary needs and
cuisine preference
•  Food shopping
•  Meal Preparation
•  Table service and clean-up  
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"...he had creativity and also a knack for attention to detail, especially with plate
presentation, for both the members and parties of up to 250 person. Laszlo was
extremely capable of stepping into any situation with grace and ease. He is very
self-confident, reliable, detail-oriented, highly organizes, self-motivated, and
effectively handles delicate situations and personalities."

Laszlo's clients list are absolutely confidential, private.