"Emphasizing what is fresh, seasonal
and sustainably produced."

Our Private Chef extraordinaries will
plan, shop and prepare a multi-course,
gastronomic experience for you and
your guests, right in your own home.
Prior to your event he will discuss and
plan the meal with you, going over any
dietary concerns. He will shop for the
best seasonal produce available and
arrive at your home partly prepared.
Working with the cooperation of a
waiter and a housekeeper or kitchen
helper/dishwasher, our chef will
prepare a gourmet meal for you and
your guests.
This is an evening you and your guests
will enjoy to its fullest.
Approximate cost of a Private Chef by
the hour: €65 - €180

Depending on the number of guests,
the chef may use an assistant in the
kitchen €35 - €50 per hour... waiter
€35 - €50 per hour
" ...My personal experience working with ChefLaszlo is
really impressive because he is a very dedicated,
focused, hard working and a very friendly chef who
also worked for the Hungarian Consul General's
Residence among other celebrities and foreign
It was not easy for me to realize in the beginning that interesting and
quite famous people - politicians, ambassadors, movie-makers and
movie stars, fashion designers, well-known attorneys from TV-shows,
rock stars, and leading sportsmen started to
"knock on my door".
An unexpected invitation to cook for very upscale parties for the rich
- made me famous.
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