•  Menu selection based on your dietary needs and
cuisine preference
•  Food shopping
•  Meal Preparation
•  Table service, clean-up  
Prices of 2017 (England)
daily rate of £275 up to 6pp + groceries
over 6 person calculate extra £50 / head + groceries
Daily rate includes
multi course lunch & dinner.
2017 means new recipes...Under 400 Calories  !!
we have got new additions to our service with our  
under 400 calories menus, designed for your much
less recommended daily intake. Perfect for lunch or
light dinners.
olive oil making very impossible, this year italy have
35% oil less, so nobody sell,  if someone sell it it's crap
or priceless. problems with the weather. continuously
change of temperature, this fact create a good
environment for fly to reproduce fast and aggressive,
flies destroyed all olives, aet everything, and we
produce less oil, bad quality. Usually int he past we
gathered olives until February. Now in October we
finish to gather it...it's incredible...is too hot!
Sometimes plant blossom two times, bring two times
olives  - October 2016
Start booking your party, im baaack! Dec 2015
i was called "a limbo" today. i have to look it up haha
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It is at the specialty cheese shop - in a small town or a large city -
where the best cheeses can be bought. Just like people with
passion for good wines, lovers of cheese have became both better
informed and more demanding in their choice...
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