This experience is very popular
please book in advance to avoid
disappointment. Check our
availability on your special day by
e-mail :
Reservations may be made up to
three weeks in advance, but we
welcome last minute events as
New clients for our Private
functions and events will
necessitate a signed contract
accompanied by a 50% deposit
based on an approved proposal.
We should receive the deposit no
later than one week prior the
We plan the menu, shop for the
groceries and prepare the meal,
usually consisting of a high end,
multi-course gourmet meal.

•  Menu selection based on your
dietary needs and cuisine preference
•  Food shopping
•  Meal Preparation
•  Table service and clean-up
I have started my own catering as Private Chef, the next four years
passed like a dream. It was not easy for me to realize in the beginning
that interesting and quite famous people - politicians, ambassadors,
movie-makers and movie stars, fashion designers, well-known
attorneys from TV-shows, rock stars, and leading sportsmen started
to "knock on my door".
An unexpected invitation to cook for very upscale parties for the rich
- made me famous.
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" ...My personal experience working with Laszlo is
really impressive because he is a very dedicated,
focused, hard working and a very friendly chef who
also worked for the Hungarian Consul General's
Residence in Los Angeles among other celebrities in
Beverly Hills and foreign dignitaries..."