all started in Los Angeles, but what people are saying?

“…It is a very intimate affair to have someone come into your home and take over your kitchen for the evening. Laszlo is a kind, sophisticated and professional person that is welcoming and delightful to have around. He adds to our home and creates an ambience of old world style and grace.

I am always amazed at how stealthily he comes and goes as if no great works have occurred in our kitchen and leaves it gloriously glistening…”

“…he had creativity and also a knack for attention to detail, especially with plate presentation, for both the members and parties of up to 250 person. Laszlo was extremely capable of stepping into any situation with grace and ease. He is very self-confident, reliable, detail-oriented, highly organizes, self-motivated, and effectively handles delicate situations and personalities.”

” …My personal experience working with ChefLaszlo is really impressive because he is a very dedicated, focused, hard working and a very friendly chef who also worked for the Hungarian Consul General’s Residence among other celebrities and foreign dignitaries…”