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cheflaszlo private chef
a l l   o r g a n i c !
Cheflaszlo formed partnerships with local farmers, ranchers, and artisan producers. We demonstrate our purchasing habits
to consumers by shopping in farmers’ markets and featuring their farmers’ names on our menus. Cheflaszlo supports the
"Buy Local" campaigns initiated by a number of state departments of agriculture and local farming and environmental
Our Private Chef extraordinaries will plan, shop and prepare
a multi-course, gastronomic experience for you and your
guests, right in your own home. Prior to your event he will
discuss and plan the meal with you,going over any dietary
concerns. He will shop for the best seasonal produce available
and arrive at your home fully prepared. Working with the
cooperation of a waiter and a housekeeper or kitchen
helper/dishwasher, our chef will prepare a gourmet meal for
you and your guests.
This is an evening you and your guests will enjoy to its
Your Own Private Chef will:

  • Make dieting easier. Your own private chef will enable you to
    maintain your diet and help you to make losing weight more
    tolerable and enjoyable. Serve cuisine that's healthier. Your own
    private chef is your best assurance that you will avoid foods that
    are bad for you, while not sacrificing any of the pleasure and
    satisfaction of fine dining.

  • Meet your personal health needs. Your own private chef will be
    sensitive to any chronic conditions that necessitate a particular

  • Keep your children on a nutritionally sound diet. Your own private
    chef will help your children to avoid the sweets and
Today, having your own private chef is more important than simply a
matter of luxury and convenience. The right chef can make a huge
difference not only in the quality of your life, but in your health and in
the well being of your loved ones.
In - Home dining that goes way beyond the Food !
Even in ancient times, Brazilian gourmets celebrated the fine flavor of sea urchins, which were served up at feast and
banquets alongside oysters. They were the high point of a meal and were also said to give a boost to declining virility!
Because sea urchins prefer to feed on plankton, algae, and other plant life, they offer a fairly concentrated taste of the sea.
Give a boost to your declining virility!
Due to their high iodine and mineral salt content, sea urchins are
also regarded as an effective remedy for neck ache. Sea urchins
live in all seas in temperate to cool climatic zones and are
therefore found in both the Atlantic and Mediterranean. In
Europe they are mainly collected in winter along the rocky and
sandy coastline of Asturias (Spain), as well as in Cantabria and
the coast of the Andalusian province of Cadiz. To eat the flesh of
a sea urchin, first open the animal's mouth using a pair of scissors
or a sharp knife. Then slit open the flat side around the mouth
and drain off the sea water. The small piece of orange to
purple-red flesh (or coral) can now be lifted out from the inside
of the spiny shell and eaten raw. (the coral is nothing more than  
the reproductive glands of the male and female sea urchin.)
You are sure to have heard about Budapest, one of the pearls of
Europe, the capital of Hungary, set on the banks of the Danube. Perhaps
you have even been here. But how much do you know about the other
things to see in Hungary, the scores of beautiful places where you can
enjoy a refreshing holiday?
Visitors looking for relaxation are spoiled for choice. There are rolling hills and
unending plains, wide rivers and cooling springs. And of course Lake Balaton, known
affectionately by the locals as the Hungarian Sea. Then there is the Őrség National
Park, the river Tisza and Lake Fertő, and Hollókő, a charming village in the north of the
country that was the first place in Hungary to be classified as a World Heritage Site.

Did you know that Hungary's butterfly population is without parallel anywhere else in
Europe, that here it is possible to walk through a meadow filled with wild cyclamen?
By way of contrast, we can now offer superb golf courses. Hungary is also a land
endowed with countless top-rated Spa resorts, all based on the special healing
qualities of the naturally occurring thermal waters. With alternatives as diverse as
these, all can find their favourite mode of relaxation, from equestrian holidays and eco-
tourism to water and cycling holidays.
The relaxing holiday of your choice will be made complete by the wonderful Hungarian cuisine
and fine Hungarian wines and beers. And the most important thing? Wherever and however you
choose to spend your time in Hungary, you can be sure that you will receive, along with the
excellent wine, a friendly open-hearted welcome.

Budapest plays a significants role in international tourism: it is visitors' first attraction in
Hungary and naturally the
Hungarian National Tourist Office continues to do its best in order to
continue to increase the capital's popularity.
Prettiest and most animated - Budapest
Budapest, with a population of more than 1.7 million,
still has bedraggled and struggling outer districts. But
Nagyvasarcsarnok, the Central Market Hall in Pest, is a
bright, dynamic place full of paprika, aromatic food
stalls and sweet Tokaji wine. Sidewalk cafes are alive
with thrift-shop fashionistas, ca noodling couples and
joyful chatter in a dozen languages. In Buda, tourist
buses cluster like seagulls at Castle Hill, discharging
sightseers from all over the world.

Yes, goulash — that old soupy peasant staple of beef
stewed with vegetables and paprika — is still on
pretty much every menu, but I also found the world’s
cuisines on offer. Where $5 once bought a brick of
foie gras big enough to gorge four adults, a few bites
in a small appetizer serving now run around triple that. The Danube comes to life as a kind of a kind of floating smorgasbord
of moored barges: one offers jazz dinners, another a pulsing disco, yet another a quiet seafood restaurant. Places like
Raday utca and Liszt Ferenc Square, just off the fashionable boulevard of Andrassy, attract crowds that are younger, more
chic and louder. Often, a club catering to 20-somethings on the prowl reveals itself down a dark Pest side street with a dim
glow from a door opening into a hidden warren of lounge rooms and lantern-lit gardens.

For a symbol of how Budapest has changed, an obvious first choice would be Roosevelt Square, at the foot of the Chain
Bridge. Previously dominated by hulking old buildings and the state-operated Forum Hotel (now an Inter-Continental), it is
now overlooked by the Gresham Palace and a gaudy casino, and it is thick with limos.
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What nutrients are in your food ?
USDA National Nutrient Database - Nutrient Data Laboratory, ARS, USDA Look up the nutrient value of thousands of foods.
Results show values for 128 nutrients.
Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is
associated with a reduced risk of stroke and possibly other
cardiovascular diseases as well as a lower risk of type 2 diabetes
and certain cancers (cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx,
larynx, lung, esophagus, stomach and colon-rectum).
Fruit and vegetable consumption can also give you a feeling of
fullness and help you eat fewer calories. In these ways, fruits and
vegetables may help with weight control.
Your unnecessary crazy diets
Draining yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, always searching, yet never quite finding the permanent
result you seek. Diets are confusing and contradict one other. One popular diet says to eat mostly protein and very few
carbohydrates, then another says to eat mostly carbohydrates and very little protein. Another plan says to eat whatever
you feel like at the moment and then wash it out with pineapples and papayas. One more says to eat anything you can
dream of, just weigh it first....

Stop your diet, it's time to take control of your body, time for a new way of eating, so that diets become unnecessary!
  • Your body needs high-water content food. It's doesn't mean
    you need to drink 8 glass of water a day. I am talking about
    two foods grown on this planet that naturally have a very high
    water content. They are fruits and vegetables. Anything else
    you eat is a concentrated food, means the water content has
    been removed, either by processing or cooking. From the time
    you wake up in the morning until at least noon, consume
    nothing but fresh fruit and fruit juice.

  • Proper food combining. Certain combinations of food may be
    digested with greater ease and efficiency than others. The
    human body is not designed to digest more than one
    concentrated food in the stomach at the same time.
    The most ideal situation is one concentrated food per meal, so that would
    preclude mixing protein with protein or starch with starch. However, one of
    these combinations is acceptable: a starch with a starch. The reason that
    two proteins should not be mixed is that proteins are of such different
    character and complex composition that the modifications necessary to meet
    the digestive requirements of more than one protein food are impossible.

  • Fruit is the most important food we can put into the human body. Everything
    consumed in the body must eventually be broken down and transformed into
    glucose, fructose, glycerine, amino acids, and fatty acids. The brain cannot
    function on anything but glucose (sugar). Fruit is glucose in the body.

    Its digestion of the energy assimilation require only a minute fraction of the
    energy necessary to break down other foods. Other foods spend anywhere
    from one and a half to four hours in the stomach. The stomach is where the
    initial expenditure of energy takes place. Fruit does not digest in the
    stomach! Not even minimally. Fruits are predigested. They pass through the
    stomach in twenty to thirty minutes, as if they were going through a tunnel.
    They break down and release their supercharged, life-giving nutrients in the
    intestines. It should never be eaten with or immediately following anything!
    Essential that when you eat fruit, eat it on an empty stomach.
The key is the energy, nothing streamlines the process of digestion, which optimizes energy, more than proper food
combining. In other words, don't eat meat with potatoes, don't eat fish with rice or chicken with pasta. Along with the
steak have some vegetables. It can be any vegetables you like. That vegetables don't need their own specific digestive
juices. They will break down in either medium, acid or alkaline. If you want a baked potato, have it with some butter,
preferably raw butter.
Goes well with that nigori!
I can't tell you how much I miss sushi on Montana, which was just
couple blocks away from my apartment. I ate my lunch in there
almost every day.
Sushi Sho is one of the best places in Los

The Japanese specialty based on boiled rice flavored with a
sweetened rice vinegar, a mixture called
sushi meshi. Once
cooled, the rice has a glossy sheen and separates easily. (Sushi
meshi is a dressing made of vinegar, sugar and salt. Freshly
cooked rice is tossed with it.)

There is a wide variety of sushi including
nigiri sushi (thin slices
of raw fish seasoned with wasabi and wrapped around or layered
with this rice),
hosomaki (thin sushi rolls) and futomaki (thick
sushi rolls). Some Japanese restaurants keep the fish alive in
water until just before preparing it for
sashimi. Because it's
served raw, only the freshest and highest quality fish should be
used for sashimi. Sashimi is sliced raw and served condiments
such as shredded daikon radish or gingerroot, wasabi and soy
sauce. Special sashimi chefs are trained in slicing the fish in a
particular way- depending on the variety- for the best
presentation and eating enjoyment. Sashimi is usually the first
course in the Japanese meal and sashimi bars abound in the
United States for Westerns with Eastern tastes.  
The alcohol content of sake ranges from 15 to 19 percent, which is high for beer and low for most grain-based spirits, but
in the range of some wines. Though there are myriad types of rice used for brewing sake, what differentiates the various
types of sake is how much of each grain of rice is milled or polished away and whether or not distilled alcohol is added to
the mix.

Seimaibuai, or seimai buai, is the Japanese term for milling, describing how much of the rice grain is polished away or
milled, which influences the sake's flavor. Some sake labels list a percentage number, referring to how much of the rice
grain is left. Generally, the lower the percentage, the more the rice has been polished away, and more elegant, refined
and high quality the sake.
Junmai has 70% remaining rice grain and no added distilled
alcohol - the flavor is full, clean and well structured,
has 70% residual rice grain and a small amount of added alcohol
- it's light and mildly fragrant,
junmai ginjo has 60% remaining
rice grain and no distilled alcohol - the flavor is light, fruity
and refined,
ginjo has 60%  residual rice grain plus added
alcohol - the flavor is light, fruity, aromatic and refined,
junmai dai ginjo or junmai daiginjo has 50% of the rice hull
and no distilled alcohol - the flavor is complex, yet light and
fragrant, and
dai ginjo or daiginjo has 50% of the rice hull
plus alcohol - a fragranty light flavor with good complexity.

seishu is the legal name for sake, the word shu is
officially added to sake terms, as in
junami-shu or ginjo-shu.
Futsuu-shu is sake that doesn't fit into one of the six listed
sake categories. Most sake is filtered and clear, but the word
nigori denotes sake that is unfiltered and slightly cloudy.

Besides being a popular potable, sake is used in Japanese
cooking, mostly in sauces and marinades. As with wine, sake
begins to degrade as soon as it's opened. Consume as soon as
Sushi Sho ~ 1303 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Please, don't get scared away! It's just our "Mangalica", is a breed of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans known
also as a curly-hair hog. They are beautiful, I love them so much!
If you’re looking for the heart of the city today, I’d make a case for sampling Liszt Ferenc Square. That’s where we found
Café Vian, in which Budapest’s clashing cultures made a particularly sweet sound. The youthful crowd, hovering over sweet
cocktails and yelling to be heard in the din, was flecked with a handful of older faces, mostly fresh from hearing Stravinsky
and Gulda at the venerable
Zeneakademia a few steps away. A collision of forces is transforming Budapest into one of the
continent’s liveliest, prettiest and most animated capitals.
Attractive prices, especially for housing, have set off a mini-invasion of
foreigners setting up second homes in the stylish 19th-century
apartment blocks of central Pest. Retail chains from around the world
have followed, along with the hoteliers and commercial developers.

Budapest Zoo is fun for kids, fun for the whole family, find it in the
City Park. You should visit "Lulu", a 27-year-old southern white
rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum), who gave birth to rhinoceros
calf! Then don't miss
Gundel Restaurant, it's right there, next door!  
Listed among the top 50 restaurants worldwide! Tel.: (361) 468-40-40
Hungary might not be what you expect from an Eastern European country. Because it opened its borders to the West
before many of its neighbors, it also had a head start on hospitality, welcoming visitors with its rich and varied cuisine,
gorgeous wine regions and steamy thermal spas. From the striking capital of Budapest, curving along the grand Danube, to
its remote villages, known for their superb folk art, Hungary's attractions are easy and pleasurable to explore.
One caveat when buying whole cooked lobster: be sure the tail is curled, a sign that it was alive when cooked! Because
bacteria form quickly in a dead lobster, it's important that it be alive when you buy it. To make sure, pick up the lobster-if
the tail curls under the body it's alive. This test is especially important with lobsters that have been stored on ice because
they're so sluggish that it's sometimes hard to see any movement...
Up until the end of the 19th century lobster was so plentiful
that it was used for fish bait. Alas, with lobster's
ever-increasing popularity and price, those days are gone
forever! The most popular variety in the US is the
, also called American lobster, it has five pairs of legs,
the first of which is the form of large, heavy claws, which has
a good amount of meat.

Maine lobsters are found off the Atlantic coast of the
northern United States and Canada. They have a closely
related European cousin that lives in Mediterranean and
South African waters and along Europe's Atlantic Coast.

Spiny lobsters (commonly called rock lobsters) are found in
waters off Florida, Southern California, Mexico, Australia, New
Zealand and South Africa. They're easily distinguished from
the Maine lobsters by the fact that all ten of their legs are
about the same size. Almost all of the meat is in the tail
because the spiny lobster has no claws. That meat is firmer,
stringier and not quite as sweet as that of the Maine lobster.

Live lobsters have a mottled shell splotched with various
colors, generally greenish blue and reddish brown. Their shell
turns vivid red only after the lobster is cooked. Fresh lobsters
are available year-round and are most economical during
spring and summer. Female lobsters are prized by many for
their delectable
coral (eggs). Also considered a delicacy is a
tomalley (liver), it's green-colored and it may be
eaten alone but is often also added to sauces.
Lobsters must be purchased the day they're to be cooked. They will die in fresh water, so must either be kept is seawater
or wrapped in a wet cloth and stored for no more than a few hours on a bed of ice in the refrigerator. All lobsters must
either be cooked live or killed immediately prior to cooking. They may be cleaned before or after cooking, depending on
the cooking method and the way in which they are to be used.  
Though whole lobsters are best simply boiled or broiled,
lobster meat may be prepared in a variety of ways, with
vanilla-butter or with pecan. My favorite recipe calls for
a rich creamy fish stock, brandy and a big load of
shaved black or white truffles. Also, I like to take out
my lobster tail from it's shell and poach it in clarified
butter with vanilla bean.

Thermidor is a dish composed of lobster tails
from which the cooked meat is removed, chopped and
combined with
béchamel, flavored with white wine,
shallots, tarragon and mustard. The sauced lobster is
spooned back into the shells, sprinkled with Parmesan
cheese and broiled until golden brown.
    saturated fats that are contributing to obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions among young people today.

  • Save you the time and trouble of dining out so often. Your own private chef will enable you to have your favorite
    meals deliciously prepared to your individual taste and served elegantly in the comfort and safety of your home.
cheflaszlo santa monica
" ...My personal experience working with ChefLaszlo is really
impressive because he is a very dedicated, focused, hard
working and a very friendly chef who also worked for the
Hungarian Consul General's Residence among other
celebrities and foreign dignitaries..."


"...Cheflaszlo has been preparing amazing intimate and
glorious large dinner parties for us in our home for the past
several years. We are never disappointed. His meals are
inventive, beautiful and prepared with grace and style. He
knows the treasure of combining amazing tastes with
fabulous presentation so that our experience is raised to a
level of art and savoriness..."


"...It is a very intimate affair to have someone come into
your home and take over your kitchen for the evening.
Laszlo is a kind, sophisticated and professional person that is
welcoming and delightful to have around. He adds to our
home and creates an ambiance of old world style and grace. I
am always amazed at how stealthily he comes and goes as if
no great works have occurred in our kitchen and leaves it
gloriously glistening..."
References :
cheflaszlo beverly hills
How to choose...
The most important technique in the preparation of sushi is
making the rice, which is referred to as
shari. The taste of sushi
depends of the taste of sushi rice. According to many renowned
sushi chefs, as much as sixty per cent of the taste depends on the
rice part.
The secret does not lie in buying the most expensive brand, but
rather in choosing a brand that is capable of absorbing water,
which in turn affects how much rice vinegar is soaked by the
cooked rice. Sushi based on boiled rice flavored with a sweetened
rice vinegar, a mixture called
SUSHI MESHI. The degree of the
vinegar penetration into the rice is a major factor in the outcome.
Once cooled, the rice has a glossy sheen and separates easily.

Before I give you a sushi rice recipe consider this: Even the
fattiest varieties of fish used in sushi-tuna, salmon and eel contain
fewer than two hundred calories per four-ounce serving. That's
about half what you would get with a prepared steak. Shrimp and
octopus are even lower, at only hundred calories per serving. Fatty
fish calories pack the nutritional power of not only protein,
B-vitamins, and minerals (selenium), but also Omega-e fatty acids.

Choose fish which is well-managed and caught or farmed in
environmentally friendly ways. Learn about it from the
Monterey Bay
...and prepare you rice.
For this recipe you will need: 1000gr uncooked sushi rice. (We used 100% all-natural Koshihikari rice from amazon. The rice comes
36-ounce jars and it has what we need, the sticky texture, sweet flavor. Made from domestic USA ingredients and packaged in Alvin, Texas.)
1000cc water, 120cc rice vinegar, 50gr sugar, 30gr salt.

Rinse the rice with cold water, twice. Drain the water and wash the rice surfaces by gently scrubbing the grains and rinse
again. Allow to soak in the water half hour to one hour, then cook it. While it's getting ready, mix the vinegar, sugar, salt in
a separate bowl. When the rice is cooked, let it stand for about 15 minutes, after that place the rice in a large wooden tub
and slowly pour the vinegar mixture
(SUSHI MESHI) over the rice. Blend the mixture thoroughly, cover with a dump tower
and let stand for 15 minutes or so. That's it, below you able to learn more about it!
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