Approximate Costs of hiring a reputable Private Chef :
5 to 10 years professional chef experience in restaurants and private households.
Good references. $55,000 - $65,000/yr

10 to 20 years of experience in star restaurants, private households, and in top corporate positions.
Excellent references. $70,000 - $130,000/yr

Approximate cost of a Private Chef by the hour: $85 - $240

Depending on the number of guests, the chef may need an assistant in the kitchen (sous chef/cook)
with good references. $45 - $65 per hour.
f r e e l a n c e   c h e f s   f o r   a l l   o c c a s i o n s
•  Menu selection based on your dietary needs and cuisine preference

•  Food shopping

•  Meal Preparation

•  Table service and clean-up
A Private Chef Service, that goes way beyond the food.
What is the difference between Private Chefs and Personal Chefs ?
Although often confused, the difference is substantial.

Private Chefs prepare multi-course meals that are consumed once prepared.
There is no freezing or re-heating involved.
Private Chefs work in cooperation with a waiter/ress and a housekeeper or
kitchen helper/dishwasher.
They plan the menu with the client, shop for the groceries and
prepare the meal,usually consisting of a high end,
multi-course gourmet meal.
Although most Private Chefs work for one family,
some have various clients, specializing in creating
fabulous dinner parties for the rich and famous.

Personal Chefs cook for
several families or individuals.

Once every week or two, personal chefs shop
for the groceries, go to the client's home and
prepare several entrees at one time in
the client's kitchen, then package and store
those meals in the refrigerator or freezer
and provide the clients with re-heating
New clients for our Private functions and events will necessitate a signed contract
accompanied by a 50% deposit based on an approved proposal. We should receive the
deposit no later than two weeks prior the event.
....."we sat down together for every dinner, whereupon we engaged in conversation, a contrast to the sloppy and casual condition into
which our mealtimes had degenerated. Then, too, we found it easy to invite people
over for any of our simpler meals."

"My wife and I remembered the true pleasures of entertaining: bringing together a harmonious group with just a little good-natured edge;
continually making sure that everybody’s needs, social and physical, were met; and then offering them exceptional food and drink. Bringing
our social life into the house saves on taxi fares and is generosity itself. In short, having a private chef was a deeply civilizing influence, we
noticed several changes in the way we live and eat.”
Cheflaszlo, who is known for his attention to detail and his pursuit of fresh ingredients
Our Private Chef extraordinaire will plan, shop and prepare a multi-course, gastronomic experience for you and your guests, right in your
own home.

Prior to your event he will discuss and plan the meal with you, going over any dietary concerns. He will shop for the best seasonal produce
available and arrive at your home fully prepared. Working with the cooperation of a waiter and a housekeeper or kitchen helper/dishwasher,
our chef will prepare a gourmet meal for you and your guests.
This is an evening you and your guests will enjoy to its fullest.
A luxurious evening to be savoured and remembered for many years to come
Booking Information
This experience is very popular so book in advance to avoid disappointment.
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Reservations may be made up to three weeks in advance, but we welcome last
minute events as well. --
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